Welcome to Shuddhi Yoga!

Namaskāram! The ultimate goal of all paths of Yoga is Pure Freedom or Mōksha(Liberation). The great Rishis of ancient India discovered that impurities in our internal body and thought adversely affect our state of mind, and prevent the attainment of physical/emotional health, real wisdom and spiritual liberation. शुद्धि - Shuddhi in sanskrit means purification, and purification of one’s self can be achieved by following pure, classical Yogic Practices.

ShuddhiYoga is an initiative to bring authentic, practical, affordable and sustainable Yoga based Wellness Programs to everyone. We conduct Short Programs/Workshops and Retreats for those who can't find time to attend regular classes. Group & Personal Classes are for those who can accommodate  ongoing classes in their life schedule. May Yoga, the science and art of life enrich our lives ! 

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