About us

The ultimate goal of all paths of Yoga is Pure Freedom or Moksha(Liberation). The great yogis discovered that impurities in our internal body and thought adversely affect our state of mind, and prevent the attainment of physical/emotional health, real wisdom and spiritual liberation. शुद्धि Shuddhi in sanskrit means purification, and purification of one’s self can be achieved by following pure, classical Yogic Practices.

The 3 levels of Shuddhi or Purification are

बहिरंग शुद्धि - Bahiranga (External) Shuddhi
अन्तरंग शुद्धि - Antaranga(Internal) Shuddhi
अन्तरात्म शुद्धि - Antaratma(Soul or Inner Self) Shuddhi

At ShuddhiYoga ,we understand and appreciate the fact that every individual is unique. We are committed to respect and support each student's pursuit of personal growth and wellbeing. Discipline, motivation, compassion and fun are the basis for a deeper experience and sustained practice, and so is our approach. ShuddhiYoga classes emphasise on building up from basics, synchronised breathing and right alignment. Carefully chosen preparatory poses and modifications are included in classes to enable practitioners achieve steady progress.