Shikha Tripathi, HR Parexel International

I would like to thank ShuddhiYoga for conducting WorkspaceYoga sessions for our employees. It was well appreciated by our team and management. Your dedication, punctuality and involvement has made these sessions very interesting. Staff is looking forward for more sessions.

Jennifer Dowdy, Santa Cruz

Within 2 days I feel like my Yoga practice has grown more than my 2 years of practice in California !  I met with Yoga master Krishna of ShuddhiYoga and this learning experience has been a lot more than what I expected.Learnt how to focus and improve breathing and got guidance to go back and continue my practice back in California.

Maria Pollieri, Toronto

I am deepening my awareness of this beautiful physical, spiritual and enlightening practice of Yoga with Yoga master Krishna. I have learnt a lot this past week with him. I welcome Krishna to visit North America and conduct Yoga practice retreats there. Namaste !

Tracy Ring Ryder, Harvard Business Graduate

Truly a transformative part of my travels to India. Krishna's spirit, passion and joy for yoga are incredible. He gave me some amazing new practices to incorporate into my life. Thank you

Karen Jaffe, Southern California

Today we practiced the beautiful concepts of Yoga that make the physical practice complete. It was a truly an emotional experience to me. Thanks Krishna and ShuddhiYoga!

Biju Kuzhikali, IT Professional

Experiencing yoga with guru Krishna Raju of ShuddhiYoga is an excellent holistic experience. Guru practices what he preaches - simple living with a view to making people's lives healthier and fitter using yoga, meditation. I would like to thank Guru Krishna Raju for his guidance and coaching and would definitely recommend him.!!!

Anatoly Trofimchuk, New York

Thank you for an amazing yoga session. It was great to go beyond the movements and poses and learn about the yoga teachings. Looking forward to reading your articles and research papers. Namaste!

Ganesh, Enterpreneur

I feel fresh the whole day after the early morning practice. What else you need after you get to learn under the best Guru. Thank you Guruji !

Mahendra Gowda, Technology Consultant

Yoga is not only a physical activity, its a lifestyle which we have to adopt in our daily life. I enjoyed a lot during yoga training. Krishna raju is a wonderful guruji, taught us in a very simple way that I didn't even feel tiredness after doing various asanas. Thank you guruji...thanks a lot for providing  the opportunity

Hitha Nambiar, Technology Consultant

Mr.Krishna Raju, ShuddhiYoga  gives lots of tips and advice during the class and he takes time to understand our requirements and helps to learn the asanas that treat the problems. He is very patient, friendly and excellent knowledge about the asanas and I enjoy the class. The pranayam techniques and Suryanamaskara's are really helpful. Within one month I can feel the changes and my body is more flexible now. Thank you Krishna Raju Sir...I strongly recommend his classes to anyone who is interested in improving health

Shammi Raj, Enterpreneur

I had been to the previous "Retreat programme" on August 15th, also did "Anando Brahma" programme and had tremendous changes in myself and my lifestyle.......Thank u !